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Professional DJ
17 Dec 2021

DJ Services for all occasions

DJs for weddings, corporate events, parties, and functions. Cream Cheese DJs has a proven track record of excellent service delivery and satisfied clients over the years. View our client testimonials here. Cream Cheese DJs’ services has been around for decades and prides itself on a well-established name in the industry and the highest service levels.

Morné, owner of Cream Cheese DJs, is extremely passionate about the industry and places a strong focus on being hands-on and setting the precedent in the industry. Cream Cheese has evolved into a fully-fledged production solution, with services such as:

The industry demands strong ethics and an exceptional level of service. Cream Cheese DJs ensures peace of mind for the client, from the first moment of contact until the event. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

DJ services are a vital element of any amazing function, from weddings to house parties or massive productions. Professional DJ services make the world’s difference to an event. Cream Cheese DJs understands this and provides the client with a seamless experience and events to remember!

In these modern times, hiring of professional DJ’s is sometimes overlooked and replaced with incomparable alternatives such as playlists and ‘cell phone DJs’. Unfortunately, it is only realized after the event that a professional DJ should have been booked to provide seamless services with no stress to the client.

Since Cream Cheese DJs has decades worth of invaluable experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry, we are the preferred choice when it comes to events. Cream Cheese DJs has been involved in creating successful events over the years for a multitude of clients including:

  • Bridal and Wedding functions
  • Engagement Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Launches
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Productions
  • House Parties

What do professional DJs do?

As a DJ, you need to be able to create a seamless and stress-free event for the client. To achieve this, Cream Cheese DJs understands it’s clients and is able to easily read the crowd and understand what makes them happy! A professional DJ understands their crowd and can adjust the entire mood of the event and create a successful and vibrant atmosphere.

If there is more than a DJ required, Cream Cheese DJs can assist with many more event related services. Since they are industry specialists, they have built up invaluable relationships over the years. This enables them to produce the highest quality event which exceeds client expectations.

How to choose a DJ for your event

Music plays a major role in the entire event, including the mood, ambience and atmosphere. How do you go about choosing the right provider for your function? Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right DJ for your function:

  • Check their client testimonials and referrals
    • This is usually the best way to determine the quality, service level and reliability of a service provider
  • Online reviews
    • Nowadays, online reviews are a great way to research potential service providers. If the potential supplier has a good track record of good online reviews, you are headed in the right direction!
  • Initial Service
    • How did the service provider make you feel from first contact? There is an initial service level that usually sets the tone for the relationship going forward. If you feel that you have received great service from your initial contact, you are more than likely to receive great service from the supplier.
  • Meet with the provider
    • Meet with the potential service provider face to face. This allows you to get to know who you will be working with and provide a detailed brief of what you are looking for.

Working with Professionals

You want your event to go off without a hitch and working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals is essential. Cream Cheese has decades of industry experience and has provided the highest service levels to their clients for years. They understand the client expectations and turn it into reality. Trust professionals to under promise and over deliver – that is what Cream Cheese is all about. The vast amount of passion exuded from the company and the owner is testament to the fact.

Professionalism and high service levels are part of the core of the business and the main goal is to deliver unrivalled experiences for all clients.

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