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Premier DJs, Sound & Lighting

Welcome to the hub of Premier DJ’ing, Sound & Lighting since 1971. We take DJ’ing seriously and understand that the music, both the ambience and the party, is a crucial element to the success of any event. The decision on this aspect could easily be the difference between a disastrous function or it could have you and your guests talking about what an amazing event is was for a long time.

Our focus is not ONLY on providing you with a superb service on the day of the event, but to offer you an experience from first contact through to service delivery that will leave you content, stress free and ready to come .

Our specialties are Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday parties, School functions or any event that requires a Professional & Versatile DJ accompanied by the highest grade equipment.

The truth is, successful DJ’ing is much more than an individual in possession of a ton of music and publicly playing random songs; it is the skill that an individual possesses to read and understand a group of people and ensure that every single person has a chance to enjoy their favourite genre of music regardless of what the Age, Culture or Music Preference diversity of your guests are and to progress through the various eras and genres in a smooth and unnoticeable transition.

Our Head Office is based in Randburg and as such we operate mostly in the Gauteng region, both Johannesburg and Pretoria, but also have infrastructure in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. Having said this we often travel all over South Africa and even cross border to entertain our long standing clients that understand the importance of a Quality DJ and a successful party.

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