We are often confronted with scenarios where Bridal couples are of the opinion that anyone will be able to comfortably “DJ” on their Wedding Day so long as they have an adequate music collection and a sound system of some sort.

This could not be FURTHER from the truth. As a Professional supplier to the Wedding industry, with experience since 1971, our advice to couples are that there are three crucial suppliers that should be chosen with extreme consideration and where budget should not be the ONLY deciding factor, but rather consider professionalism, skill, capabilities and experience first and then take budget into account. These are:

Venue – This will include the overall service and food that you and your guests will be receiving on the day and can make for a really good experience or for a really disappointing Wedding Day.

Photographer – Really the only memories to take away with you. Consider this with care and do your research. Photographers generally have a very unique style of shooting, and you need to find a style that appeals to your taste and also find a Photographer whose personality is in line with both you and your partner.

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The DJ – The “architect” of the entire day’s ambience. From arrival music, ceremony formalities, pre-drinks & canapés, reception background music and of course the PARTY. The equipment (which plays an integral part in the success of the day as this will determine the quality of audio as well as the reliability and / or likelihood of equipment failure) is as important an element as the skill of the DJ, but the DJ needs to possess the ability to read any crowd and make judgement calls based on the reaction of the guests so that he / she can skillfully mix his / her music so as to create an unnoticeable transition between different genres and eras throughout the party so that everyone has a turn to appreciate their music preferences.


Wedding Challenges for the DJ

A Mobile DJ possesses a talent that few other DJs posses… the ability to be absolutely versatile. Unlike, for example club DJs that generally specialize in a preferred music genre, Mobile DJs need to be skilled to the minimum extent that all contemporary genres are not only in their repertoire, but that they also have a good understanding of all these music genres. Both Weddings and Corporate events require these talents to be present in order to achieve results that will leave a client satisfied.

Weddings pose the challenge of very diverse age groups and sometimes a large diversity of cultural backgrounds that all need to be catered for throughout the course of the Wedding. Satisfactory results under these circumstances will only be achieved by someone who understands the process of playing for such a diverse group of people; someone like a Professional Mobile DJ.