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29 Nov 2021

Professional DJ services for all occasions! Are you looking for a DJ for a special occasion or important event? Cream Cheese DJs has been in operation since 1971 and is the industry leader. Cream Cheese DJs offers a variety of event related services to make your special occasion unforgettable. Booking Cream Cheese DJs services will ensure that your special event flows as expected and the mood set by the music is perfect for all stages of the event.

Combining a deep passion for the industry and decades’ worth of experience, Morné at Cream Cheese DJs offers incredible service levels, and delivers a seamless execution for any event or special function.

Professional DJ services are an extremely important element to consider when planning an event.

What makes Cream Cheese DJs stand out?

The company has been around since 1971, with an excellent track record. With in-depth industry knowledge and passion, the company understands how to deliver incredible service and execution. Cream Cheese DJs is a professional DJ service company which offers a combination of party and event related services.

What services are on offer?

Not only does the company provide excellent professional DJ services, but the following event related services too:

What does a professional DJ do?

A professional DJ plays a major role in an event environment.The DJ is responsible for setting the tone, creating the atmosphere, and ultimately adjusting the emotions of the crowd. An excellent professional DJ understands his audience and makes adjustment where he feels necessary to establish and maintain the perfect atmosphere for the event.

If you make use of Cream Cheese DJs’ DJ related services, such as lighting and audio visual, your DJ will also be responsible for controlling the audio visual and lighting environment for the event. Other services such as staging, is a crucial element for a larger event.

Why hire a professional DJ for your wedding?

It is no surprise that couples who are planning their special day want to save money wherever possible. A common mistake made by engaged couples is cutting costs and settling for a “friend” with a good playlist. The negative implication of this and potentially ruining an entire event, more often than not, far outweighs the cost saving element.

A professional DJ is an absolutely crucial part of wedding planning and should never be overlooked or replaced with an amateur alternative. The entire atmosphere depends on the tone set by the music, and a playlist is just incomparable to what a human DJ can do.

The DJ will adjust the tone where necessary and create a relaxed mood for the couple by taking additional stress off their shoulders.  

An important element to consider is that the DJ does not just ‘play songs’. He is in control of the microphone, and often granted the responsibility of announcing toasts, making other important announcements, and ultimately guiding the flow of the function. Couples may not understand the risk of handing over the mic to a family member or other guests. It can create chaos and sometimes embarrassing moments that should never be part of such a special day.

Professional DJ equipment

Hiring a professional ensures peace of mind that you are going to receive quality service and professional equipment.  This ensures clear, crisp sound at the correct sound levels, seamless integration with the microphone and the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Professional and consistent etiquette

A professional DJ will always maintain the highest levels of etiquette for the full duration of the event. With a clear and sober presence, there is no chance of music being played which features on the ‘do not play’ list. He will uphold he original request from the event organisers unless specifically instructed by them to make changes.  As the mood shifts from formal to more relaxed to full on dance mode – a professional will know exactly how and when to transition the music to suit to atmosphere.

Why choose Cream Cheese DJs?

The company was established in 1971  and has decades worth of invaluable experience in the industry. Cream Cheese DJs has an unrivalled passion for the industry and strives for excellent customer satisfaction. They have all the professional equipment and etiquette and this is evident in their amazing customer reviews. Click here to see Cream Cheese DJs Google reviews and see for yourself! With an average Google reviews rating of 4.9 it is clear that Cream Cheese DJs delivers phenomenal service.

The company boasts a well-established social media following which continues to grow daily. Get in touch to arrange a consultation and follow us on social media to keep up to date with latest news, special promotions and events. We look forward to helping you create your perfect event!

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