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Premier DJ, Sound & Mobile Disco Services

What does a Professional DJ do? THEY KNOW MUSIC AND THEY KNOW AUDIENCES! The DJ knows music better than you, better than your friends, and probably better than anyone on the dance floor.

All DJs are NOT equal! It’s not about playing a variety of music.
It’s about reading and understanding your crowd!
It's about playing the right song at the right time!
And it's about mixing through sets of different genres in a smooth and unnoticeable transition and delivering this experience through a quality sounding system.

The calibre of the DJ and the quality of the audio, is more important than most people realise. And generally, that realisation comes too late.

  • The importance of music at an event
    • Believe it or not, MUSIC creates the entire mood. Ever sat in a restaurant without music and felt a certain “uneasiness”? Even if you don’t know music, it plays a vital role in determining, maintaining or changing your mood. Certain genres and / or beats per minute can put you an a state of euphoria, whereas others may bring right down to a depressed state or even make you feel slightly irritated or aggressive. The vital contribution and impact music has on an event should NOT be overlooked or underestimated because music, is MIGHTY powerful.
  • The importance of equipment quality
  • Different types / calibers of DJs
  • Reading-The-Crowd
  • Event Types and importance
    • Weddings
    • Corporate Functions
    • Birthdays
    • School Events
    • All other events
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Audio-Visual, Sound, Lighting & Staging

Need a little more than a DJ, Sound & Lighting Rig? Enter our world of Productions and Technical solutions.

The growing demand, over the years, for added technical services, precipitated the birth of our sister company Synergy AV & Staging. Although a lot of technical equipment is owned by us, we have built a very strong rapport with specialist suppliers in the industry. Instead of attempting to own every possible solution, we have a strong network of suppliers in each field that specialise ONLY in their field i.e:

Modular LED screens - Outdoor or Indoor large displays or stage backdrops for presentations, live video feeds or general visual content.

Floors, stages, trussing, sets, backdrops, rigging. We can solve any challenge.

Whether you need basic ambient lighting using LED Pars or a you need a full blown lighting production with Moving Heads and Lasers, we’ll tailor to your needs and budget.

Sound From a 20 delegate basic P.A. system for conferencing to 20,000 pax concert. Bring it on!

Working with specialists in each field means we get the highest skill set in each division and also the best price.

Karaoke & DigiJuke Jukeboxes


Our Karaoke service is an add-on to our Mobile DJ service. This means that you have a combination of Professional DJ service combined with Karaoke. When guests take a break from singing, the party continues.


Smaller events that do not justify the expense of a full blown Professional DJ service, could opt for our Digital Jukekbox solution. It is a compact digital Touchscreen solution with all the commercial music you can think of. This service includes the DigiJuke, 2 Speakers, Basic Lighting (if required), and delivery & Collection within 30kms of our office in Randburg. Further destinations can also be serviced at a delivery & collection fee. Unfortunately not for locations further than 50kms.