Mobile DJ Services

A Mobile DJ – More often than not, overlooked, underestimated and left for last; and yet this should be, hands down, one of the top priorities during the planning of any event.

Music & Entertainment is such a crucial element of an event that it needs to be investigated with great care and all relevant aspects pertaining to this service need to be carefully considered – this of course can only be done if you know what to look for.

Professional & Successful DJ’ing does not mean having a sound system and a large music collection, but rather…


Having a QUALITY Sound & Lighting System – This not only proliferates reliability, but also offers clear sounding audio without the need to overdrive the sound system and at the same time irritate guests with shrieking sound and a scenario where conversation is either not possible or only possible by means of shouting.

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Having a Professional and Versatile DJ that is able to Read-the-Crowd AND the Mood and play a wide selection of music to allow all guests to hear music that they can relate to whilst at the same time moving through eras and / or genres in a smooth unnoticeable transition that constantly compliments the ambience of the event.

This necessarily means that a DJ MUST have exceptional knowledge of all music eras and simply cannot be achieved by a random individual that simply has a large music collection with limited music knowledge.



Offering an infrastructure that
A) Deals with your inquiries in a prompt and professional manner and
B) Guarantees any and all unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with and that the show will go on no matter what i.e. Stand-by DJs; Backup Equipment; and a Technical Crew to dispatch replacement equipment in the event of equipment failure of any kind.

The Bottom Line – First look at all the above, the overall service offering, the inclusions and exclusions and then look at the price. The rule of thumb is: The quality of service you get will generally be equal to the price you pay.