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Choosing your DJ supplier

The DJ supplier you choose, is a critical decision. You DO NOT want “some random person” with plenty of music and a sound system.

You may not realise this at first, but the music plays a major role in the success of ANY event and will just as easily be the primary reason for failure. The music sets and / or adjusts the mood and emotion of your guests and as such the person in charge of these decisions are ultimately the cause of success or failure. Here are some avenues to research your supplier and make sure you’re on the right path to selecting the right DJ supplier:


Contact your venue and other suppliers you’ll be working with and ask about your choice of DJ company. Fellow industry suppliers work with other suppliers more often than you. Ask around and make sure the DJ company you are considering is reputable, reliable and good.

Online Research

Search various platforms for reviews on the prospective DJ company. You’ll find out quick enough if there are concerns that you should be aware of.

Company’s online presence

A DJ company that takes their work seriously, will have a strong online presence. The professionalism of their own website shoudl immediately give you an indication of how seriously they take their business. Searching their name should yield several results on various websites, blogs, social media and directory platforms. You want to avoid a company that has virtually no presence.

Getting what you pay for

It is vital that you compare the cost of various DJ services. When it sounds too good to be true, guaranteed, it is! Because this is a service, and not a product, you need to research very carefully what you get for your buck.

Amateur DJs and “non-professional” grade equipment will, without a doubt, be substantially cheaper than a company supplying Professional DJs and high end equipment. This brings the saying “If you think hiring a Professional DJ is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur DJ” right into perspective.

Good Quality Equipment is expensive; Professional DJs get paid what they are worth. If you’re spending a small fortune on an event, is it worth sacrificing the overall success of the event, to save a few rand on a below average DJ service?

Face-to-Face meetings

At Cream Cheese DJs we believe any company worthy of a professional reputation, should offer an introductory meeting with their potential clients. Without this, how can prospects form confidence in a brand? We offer Face-to-Face meetings within a 30kms radius of our office and we’ll even meet with you after hours if this is more convenient.
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Our Packages

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Please note however this is an estimate only and should not be construed as a formal Quote.
Several elements may impact the price. Should you be happy with the rough estimate, you may proceed to the
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Quote Request

This section allows you to request a formal and detailed Quotation. You will be requested to complete
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We endeavor to send all quotations within 24 hours (business days), but during certain times of the year, this may become difficult. Should you not hear from us within 48 hours, please do contact us as there is always a possibility of technical problems and that your request did not reach us (this is unlikely tough).

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