With the increasing demand for added services (from our Corporate Clients for the most part) we added a division to the Cream Cheese array of services which resulted in the birth of Synergy AV in 2007.

Synergy AV started off providing bits and pieces of extra equipment and services on top of the standard DJ, Sound & Lighting service that Cream Cheese Professional Discos was offering. Today we are proud to say that Synergy AV is a full blown Audio-Visual, Sound, Lighting and Staging company accommodating clients’ needs for all types of Events (big and small) such as Product Launches, Road Shows, Beauty Pageants, Year End Parties, Awards Events, Corporate Team Building days, Concerts and many other event types.

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Since we love challenges so much, we encourage you to contact us for any requirements you may have on a technical level when it comes to events.

We are able to provide a complete solution for your Sound Requirements from Basic PA Hire for Small Conferences or basic applications, to Medium Ground Stack Sound Systems and even Large Line Array Sound Systems for Large and / or Outdoor setups and Convention Centre Events. The sky is the limit and no event is too big for our Sound Systems. Our brand of Choice for Sound is JBL®.

Depending on the application Mixing Desks are provided based on the requirements of the event and could vary from basic Soundcraft® Analogue Mixing Consoles to full Yamaha® Digital Desks.

Shure®, Sennheiser® or AKG® cordless Microphones will always complement our event setups. This could vary, again depending on the application and client requirements, from standard handheld Mics to Lapel or Countryman® Headset units.

Our Front-Of-House Technical Crew will facilitate a professional, crisp and clear Audio Experience on both Audience Sound and Stage Monitors.
Our Audio-Visual division is unmatched. We are quite capable of meeting your requirements for any circumstances.
  • LCD / LED / Plasma Screens are available in various sizes including standard 37 inch to 50 inch screens. 16:9 screen ratio with full HD capabilities.
  • Projectors and Screens the solution for larger crowds with the option of Front or Rear Projection. Utilising both Christie and Sanyo Projector with strengths ranging from 1500 Lumens to 9000 Lumens and even 12000 Lumens. Multiple Projectors onto multiple screens with the same image or different images. Live Camera Feeds… there simply is no limit to our capabilities.
  • Daylight Screens - Outdoor LED Technology that allows anything to be shown to an audience in Broad Daylight. The perfect solution for a live camera feed outdoors with a large audience regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Camera Feed - Add a live Camera Feed to any event to enable the entire audience to see the stage. The option to record is of course available and we also offer a post-recording editing service.
A professionally managed lighting show is the key to creating an immediate first impression of sheer excellence and professionalism. This is the technology that can transform an entire room at the push of a button. Our lighting division will ensure that your event gets the “edge” that it deserves. Through DMX controlling we can easily manipulate your:
  • PAR Can Lighting to create or change the ambience and / or colour theme of your event. Used as up-lighting against walls and structures and also as Down-Lighting onto a Stage or focal point. We use only the best LED Technology allowing Lighting Colors and effects to be adjusted on-the-fly and flicker-free camera work.
  • Moving Heads i.e. Martin Mac or Robe Robin. Technology that allows us to do literally ANYTHING. Wash-work, Beam-work, Spot-lighting, Strobing, Gobo Projection and so much more. This really is the technology that will bring “the edge” to your production.
  • Follow Spots and Profiles ensures that your MC and / or Speaker is kept in the “limelight” at all times.
  • Lazer Shows adds a mind blowing experience to the party with professional High Quality Lazers. Dancers can also be arranged to form part of your entertainment.
Aside from the safety aspect which we take painfully seriously, we take the aesthetics just as seriously and ensuring that the finished product is visually appealing, is a major priority with every one of our setups. If we need to fly equipment, we make use of the very best skilled and qualified riggers together with top of the range trussing and safety equipment. Where necessary, a Structural Engineer’s and/or Electrical Compliance Certificates will be obtained and handed to the client for safe keeping.
We only make use of the very best imported Staging Solutions guaranteeing safety and stability and ensures a guaranteed Structural Engineer’s Certificate every time. There is no limitation to the extent of our Stage Design from basic 2m x 2m to full scale Vehicle Showcase Revolving Stages. We’ll happily complement your Stage Design with a custom floor to match your theme and / or Décor. Standard Wood Finish, Black, White or Black & White Chequered. Our dance-floors are of exceptional standards and feature a “Cliplock” technique ensuring a perfectly flat and smooth surface and absolutely no chance of tile separation. We can even provide a floor on a grass surface by using the patented “Sub-Surface” ensuring a level floor.
With our team of technical personnel and the equipment at our disposal, putting together a Road Show for your brand simply requires a detailed brief and an illustration of your concept / vision of what you want to achieve - then, leave it in the hands of our various divisions to let your vision become a reality. We often service Johannesburg, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal and as such have infrastructure in all major cities in South Africa.
We have a good relationship with many South African Celebs and Entertainers. These individuals will add a special touch to your event whether as an MC, DJ, Comedian, Motivational Speaker etc.
Here are a few examples ...
  • Mark Pilgrim (MC)
  • Mel Miller (Comedian)
  • Al Prodgers (Comedian, MC)
  • Ed Jordan (MC)
  • Alex Jay (MC, Celeb DJ)
  • DJ Fresh (Celeb DJ)
  • Justin Cohen (Motivational Speaker)