“A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love, because DJ'ing is not about playing a few tunes, it is about generating shared moods; it's about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place."

Ambience (Background Music) and Entertainment (Party Music), collectively, is one of the most important contributing factors to the success of ANY event.

Of course there are a couple of vital elements that determine success or disaster, but the DJ is certainly one of those Key elements.

The wrong choice can easily spoil the entire event, the right choice will have your guests complimenting you for months and even years to come - Your party can be THE party of the decade, if planned and considered properly.

Successful DJ’ing consists of a collection of attributes and will not be achieved by someone other than an Experienced and Professional DJ.

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A word from our owner, Morné, regarding the importance of Music and REAL Mobile DJ’ing: You’ve probably heard the cliché: “Music can make or break the event”. As clichéd as this might be, it is 100% true and accurate. The right music is one of the biggest contributors to the overall success of any event. Music will totally set the mood and the chosen genres will ensure either success or disaster, starting from “Arrival Music” right through to the “Party”. “Professional Mobile DJ’ing” is more than simply an individual with thousands of songs on an iPod or Laptop, it is the TALENT and SKILLS that a qualified professional brings to your event to ensure smooth flowing order and should always be an individual that can… next cliché… READ the crowd. With the birth of internet and MP3s, every second “Tom, Dick & Harry” with a hard drive full of music is selling himself as a DJ – Choose this vital aspect of your event VERY carefully. Cream Cheese Professional Discos deals with last minute bookings EVERY WEEK due to poor research and / or because of looking for the cheapest possible DJ and thus ending up with disastrous consequences like the most common “no-show”, leading to even higher but “could have easily been avoided” expenses… The stress and double costs could have been avoided by simply researching and booking a professional and reputable supplier from the start. If the price seems too good to be true, it most probably is. By no means am I saying that you need to book the most expensive DJ. But certainly do not hunt for the cheapest!

Anyone can play songs, but understanding your genres and knowing how to read your crowd according to Age, Culture and their reaction to certain songs, is the key to making a success of any party that only a Professional & Experienced DJ can offer.

  • Reading-The-Crowd is a skill that is mastered over a period of time. Professional DJs, such as Cream Cheese DJs, will start using this skill the moment your guests arrive surmising Ages, Cultures and body language.
  • Reading-The-Crowd is implemented by the reactions of guests during each and every song played and using the reaction of the guests to determine the next choice of song.
  • Reading-The-Crowd is the talent an individual possesses to gradually move through sets of various genres of music without disrupting the current flow. Therefore whilst the DJ is determining the next “best suited” song, he / she is also keeping in mind that the set needs to gradually progress to the next required genre so as to ensure that every single guests has a turn to hear their favourite genre of music.
  • Reading-The-Crowd means being professional enough to take requests from your guests and assuring them that you WILL play their song during a set that is appropriate for that particular song.
  • We have served the Wedding, Corporate, Birthday and Party industry SUCCESSFULLY since 1971 making us the oldest Mobile Disco in town with an unmatched reputation that our competitors look up to.
  • We employ a team of over 15 PASSIONATE DJs guaranteeing Success and Satisfaction every single time.
  • Our equipment is of the highest standard, is exceptionally Neat and Unobtrusive. Some of our brands include JBL, Pioneer, Shure, Soundcraft, AKG, Denon, Numark, Martin and Samson.
  • An “after-hours” pre-function meeting with your DJ is always included and is essential to discuss the event proceedings and the general music preferences.
  • Technical Crews are on standby 24/7 ensuring backup at all times as well as ensuring that the DJ will NEVER have to leave the event to fetch replacement equipment.
  • Although we own and maintain 13 complete Disco Rigs, we operate a Maximum of 10 Discos enabling a successfully applied “Owner Managed” structure and more than enough backup equipment at any given time.
  • Backup Equipment and Standby DJs are always in place.
  • Our DJs REALLY know how to “Read-The-Crowd”... ANY crowd.
  • Our DJs are extremely versatile and are able to accommodate all music preferences from 1950’s to all the most current hits as well as: Afrikaans, Country, House, Rock, Afro-Pop, Kwaito, R&B, Hip-Hop, Bhangra and many more.
  • Our DJs will always take music requests from guests and play them in appropriate sets.
  • We belong to SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation), SAMPRA (South African Music Performance Rights Association) and SADJA (South African Disc Jockey’s Association) and adhere to its code of ethics.
  • Our skills and reputation often allow us to play outside of the South African borders including: Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mauritius.
  • Our setups always include (as standard): Sound, Effect Lighting, Smoke Machine (on request) and a Cordless Microphone.
  • DJs are always dressed suitably by wearing the prescribed Cream Cheese Uniform.
  • We have the relevant Public Liability Insurance in place at all times.
Our Professional Mobile Disco service always includes the following:
Our DJs are between the ages of 32 and 45 and they are “Mobile DJs” meaning that they have a good understanding of all the most common genres and eras of music and are capable to handle any event type.
We only supply Self Powered Sound i.e. JBL EONS. This means that each speaker is independently amplified and that if, in the unlikely event, a speaker’s amplifier should malfunction, the other speaker is driven independently and you will not risk "Dead Silence".
We supply intelligent lighting that is elegant yet effective. Out lighting works on a Sound-to-Light basis meaning that the unit will change colours and patterns to the beat of the music. Or lights use a combination of Gas Discharge Lamps and LED Technology.
Our Disco units are always accompanied by a cordless microphone to be utilised by your minister and also for speeches during the reception.
A Smoke machine is available to you on request at NO additional charge. We do not supply these unless it is requested as the "smoggy" effect does not appeal to everyone.
The perfect companion to create a simple yet elegant touch to your venue. LED Pars can be set to any of the primary colours i.e. Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or White and can be used as Up-lighting against walls / draping or from a T-Bar as a downward wash effect.
Although this offers a very short effect (approximately 5 minutes) and is a fairly costly excercise, the Dry Ice Fogger creates an amazing fog effect giving the impression of dancing on a cloud. Extremely Popular for First Dances at Weddings.
Up the Bass at your event by adding a Bassbin for some extra THUMP!
We offer recording and Post-Recording production facilities. This is ideal for individuals who would rather not speak in front of a crowd or for people who cannot make a specific event yet would like to have their speech heard in a professional manner.
Any AV you require we can provide from standard LED or Plasma screens to Projectors or even Daylight LED Screens. We love a challenge.
As always providing only the very best in the industry, we can provide you with the patented “clip-lock” dancefloor system; no screws and no jagged edges or uneven joins. From the more cost effective standard Wood finish to a more exclusive Black & White finish. The colour choice and size is up to you and your budget.
If it forms part of our industry sector we are almost certain we can supply you with it and / or source it for you. Staging, Lighting, Videography, Rigging, Trussing etc. we’ll make it happen for you.


Cream Cheese Professional DJs may be based in Johannesburg, but we do functions throughout the whole of South Africa.

Areas outside of Johannesburg most often include:

  • Pretoria (and all of Gauteng)
  • Free State
  • Cape Town (and all of Western Cape)
  • Durban (and all of KwaZulu-Natal).


A Mobile DJ – More often than not, overlooked, underestimated and left for last; and yet this should be, hands down, one of the top priorities during the planning of any event.

Music & Entertainment is such a crucial element of an event that it needs to be investigated with great care and all relevant aspects pertaining to this service need to be carefully considered – this of course can only be done if you know what to look for.

Professional & Successful DJ’ing does not mean having a sound system and a large music collection, but rather…


Having a QUALITY Sound & Lighting System – This not only proliferates reliability, but also offers clear sounding audio without the need to overdrive the sound system and at the same time irritate guests with shrieking sound and a scenario where conversation is either not possible or only possible by means of shouting.


Having a Professional and Versatile DJ that is able to Read-the-Crowd AND the Mood and play a wide selection of music to allow all guests to hear music that they can relate to whilst at the same time moving through eras and / or genres in a smooth unnoticeable transition that constantly compliments the ambience of the event.

This necessarily means that a DJ MUST have exceptional knowledge of all music eras and simply cannot be achieved by a random individual that simply has a large music collection with limited music knowledge.


Offering an infrastructure that

  1. Deals with your inquiries in a prompt and professional manner and
  2. Guarantees any and all unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with and that the show will go on no matter what i.e. Stand-by DJs; Backup Equipment; and a Technical Crew to dispatch replacement equipment in the event of equipment failure of any kind.

The Bottom Line – First look at all the above, the overall service offering, the inclusions and exclusions and then look at the price. The rule of thumb is: The quality of service you get will generally be equal to the price you pay.