Choosing a Professional DJ / Mobile Disco service is a fairly simple process, if you KNOW what to look for.

Although this guideline is based on Weddings as an example, the principle applies to all events.

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Get in touch with your Venue, Other Service Providers and Friends or Family that got married recently and ask for referrals / recommendations
Although this method does NOT guarantee reputable companies, if step 1 is not an option then visit decent Wedding Directory Websites and do a Google search. “Paid” advertisements do not guarantee reputability; rather make use of “organic” results.
This will usually give you a good idea of how serious they are about their business. A professional looking website with plenty of content that is neatly laid out and that addresses all or most of your potential questions and / or concerns is already a company that should be strongly considered. If the website or content has not immediately set your mind at ease, eliminate the company. Short list 4 or 5 Professional Companies
Contact the company either telephonically, via e-mail or complete an online “Quote Request” requesting a Quotation. Check whether phones are answered promptly and efficiently and that e-mails are responded to in a fair amount of time. If you are not comfortable with the response time or professionalism of a company, rather remove it from your list and avoid regrets. Essentially you should receive your quote within 1 business day, 2 business days at most. If your quote is not delivered in a professional format i.e. PDF or in a timely and appropriate fashion, eliminate that company.
Compare the service, infrastructure, packages, and optional extras that a company has to offer you. Quotations must NEVER be compared on Price alone. A good estimate for a Professional DJ service is around 4% - 10% of your total budget on a sliding scale (the higher the total budget the less the percentage). In order for a Mobile Disco to be considered as a “Professional Service Provider”, certain aspects HAVE to be implemented. Every one of these aspects carries an expense for that company. Therefore a company that charges below the market average can only do so by cutting costs somewhere in order to sustain a viable profit margin, putting the success of your event in jeopardy. The easiest and quickest method to allow below average prices is to employ sub-standard DJs and use non-professional grade equipment, as these are the biggest expenses to a multi-operation Mobile Disco company. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Eliminate Quotes that are delivered unprofessionally, are TOO cheap or charge WAY-ABOVE-AVERAGE prices.
If you have not dealt with a Mobile Disco company in the past, it would be a good idea to meet with your ±3 shortlisted companies. Meet with the manager or representative to address any concerns you may have, answer your questions and to give you detailed introduction to the company - online video conferences are also acceptable considering time is valuable part of lives. Playing some video footage of functions should instil a certain level of capability and professionalism in the company and give you some peace of mind.