Standard Discount Structure

The first 5 Disco / DJ Bookings of any given date are entitled to some form of discount as per our “Sliding Scale Discount Structure”. Thereafter our Standard Price will apply without Discount. See our Price Guideline Page for details.

Extra Special Prices

Here are some guidelines on how you can really save yourself a few bucks based on the time of the year and the day of the week (as always, only applicable to the first 5 booking slots of any given date):

The quietest time of the year for the entire events industry and the best time for cost effective event planning. Our Off Season runs from May - August. Although the entire Off Season receives great discounts, some days get EVEN better discounts.
  1. Sunday to Thursday - if we give any more discount we may as well do it for free.
  2. Fridays & Saturdays
  3. Remember due to the High Discounts offered during this time of year, it is important to remember that the discounts are directly relative to the number of Disco Bookings that we already have in place at the time of your enquiry (if any). Quotes are valid for 7 days and should you want to book outside of the 7 day validity period and we have Booked other DJ packages on your date, your discount will reduce incrementally for each new booking. For example: Let’s say you contact us in March and are considering a DJ for an event on the 15th October. At the time of your enquiry we have only 1 other booking on the 15th October (out of a possible 10). 2 months later, in May, which is obviously outside of your 7 day quote validity period, you decide you would like to make use of our services. We have however, in the interim, booked another 2 Disco Packages for the 15th October meaning you have now moved to Booking #4 as opposed to the original Booking #2 at the time of your enquiry. This means your discount reduces 2 increments (the incremental amounts vary based on the Season and the Day of the Week i.e. Demand). So the bottom line is, if you like what you see, book it and secure it before your discount reduces.
This is the most popular time of the year for Weddings and Parties in general. This is basically the “Summery” months i.e. Jan-Apr; Sep-Dec (excl. Peak Season). Best days for good Discounts are…
  1. Sunday to Thursday - Greatest Discount structure (don’t worry about general Public Holidays - we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt)
  2. Fridays - Although busy, not quite as busy as Saturdays and as such you’ll get better Discounts than Saturdays
  3. Saturdays - Busiest days with least Discount, although “more than fair” Discounts are still applied. For a decent discount on a Saturday, be sure to Book early and take advantage of the Sliding Scale Discount Structure on the first few Bookings which are the highest.
Our Peak Season is the time of year when the Corporate Industry start with their Xmas and Year End Parties. This period runs from around Mid-November to Mid-December. During this time we suggest you book as early as possible because the demand for our services completely surpasses the ability of our supply. Best days for good discounts during Peak Season are…
  1. Sundays to Thursdays - Greatest Discount Structure
  2. Fridays are the busiest days during our Peak Season with the least amount of Discount
  3. Saturdays are also generally fully booked but not as quickly as Fridays, and as such a slightly better discount structure is applied.