INSTANT Estimates

In just a few days, you will be able to obtain INSTANT estimates from our website for ALL DJ related services. No longer will you need to wait for quotes to be compiled and e-mailed to you, it will be instantly obtained from our website. Just another way we are using technology, to make your event planning, that much easier.

Oakfield Expo Special

If you dropped your details with us at the AMAZING Oakfield Farm Wedding Show, then you have entitled yourself to R2800-00 discount valid until 16:00 03Feb2017 on our Bridal Package.

Quote Requests & Acceptances now done online!

Aug 20 2014 15:00 -

With our new site comes some great new concepts and one of those are that you are now able to request a Quote straight from our website, and also that you are able to accept that Quote straight from the email that we send you containing the quote. No need to ever fax or scan another document again. Makes it fast and convenient.

Yet another reason to put Cream Cheese Professional Discos as your number #1 piority for Professional DJs, Sound & Lighting.